Saturday, 17 May 2008

Small Victories

On my mission to 'have it all' I take heart in the small victories along the way. I managed three this week:


A few weeks ago Mean Mom wrote a post about 'mumnesia'. A journalist picked up on a comment I had left and asked me to do an interview for Practical Parenting Magazine. Since we have clauses in our contracts about talking to the media, I had to obtain my Headmaster's permission to do the interview. I went into his rather imposing study and explained that I had been asked to do an interview. He was intrigued and asked what the interview was about. I gave him the rough idea about your brain turning to mush after you've had a baby. He looked puzzled, then said,

"Oh, so you are an example that it doesn't always happen?"

(I must do a good job of covering up at work)

* * * * * * *


It was tea time. For a treat I proffered a slice of lemon ginger cake as dessert.

Daughter: Is that pudding?

Me: Yes

Daughter (with pained expression on face): Aren't we having anything healthy with it?

Me: What would you like?

Daughter (looking exasperated): Banana, kiwi fruit, grape,.............

* * * * * * *

I think this one is the best:


Football obsessed husband turned down two tickets to the Zenit/Rangers match this week in Manchester because we were attending daughter's New Parents' Evening!!

Definitely making progress there!


GoneBackSouth said...

Wow, that's all brilliant stuff. Give yourself a pat on the back and take the rest of the day off (yeah right).

scrappysue said...

he's got his priorities right - give him a pat on the back! (or a kiss on the cheek, or wherever...)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, definate progress, way to go!


You are definitely talented. In writing and with convincing your hubby to go to Parent night. Carry on, my dear.

slouching mom said...

i think that those are rather LARGE victories!

auntiegwen said...

Oh I agree with slouching mom

those are HUGE victories

Mean Mom said...

You're definitely winning! Can I have the lemon ginger cake, if no-one else wants it?

Maggie May said...

A bit of fruit on a banana cake makes it MUCH more healthy!