Saturday, 10 May 2008


Yesterday we received the list of uniform that Izzy has to have for school in September.

Here is the scary list:
  1. Polo shirt with school logo
  2. Pinafore dress, school pattern
  3. Cardigan, school colours
  4. Knee high socks
  5. Tights
  6. Shoes
  7. PE polo shirt with school logo
  8. Shorts
  9. Pumps
  10. Sports socks
  11. Pump bag (?!*!)
  12. Jogging suit with school logo
  13. Swimming costume in school colours
  14. Towel
  15. Swimming cap with school logo
  16. PE bag
  17. Swimming bag
  18. Puddle suit (?!*!)
  19. Waterproof fleece with school logo
  20. Wellingtons
  21. Art apron, royal (?!*?)
  22. Summer dress, summer term only
  23. White ankle socks, summer term only
  24. Hair accessories in school colours only
This is my first experience of buying school uniform. I don't even understand some of it; what the heck is a 'puddle suit'?

Of course virtually everything has to be bought from the official school outfitters, "Mssrs Got You Over A Barrel & Co". Pinafores start from £25, (blazers are £45! - that's next year). Thank goodness I only have one child to kit out!

Luckily, working at the school as I do, I have colleagues who already have daughters at the school. I have very cleverly ambushed each one in the corridors and asked for any decent second hand uniform to be discretely passed my way. (They do seem to walk the other way now when they see me coming, what's that about?) Anyway, I have been promised several pinafores, swimming costumes and PE kits, but no-one seems to know what a puddle suit is!

Also everything has to be clearly marked with her name because, brilliantly, everyone's school uniform is the same! Better start sewing name tapes now..............


Sass E-mum said...

I think I know what a puddlesuit is. It's an all-in-one kagoul.

Ellie wears one when she goes out with the childminder. Keeps her clothes clean and keeps the wind out, while she romps around in mud, foam, rain etc.

I'll send you a photo if you like?

Mignon said...

Puddlesuits? Could it be a raincoat?

the mother of this lot said...

Our uniforms come from Messrs. Got You Over A Barrel as well. Five of them.

claire sutton said...

Oh my goodness, what a list!

Can't you nick anything from lost property?!

Frog in the Field said...

I remember when my school uniform list had a great typo and our parents were puzzled by "Green Knichers"

scrappysue said...

that's horrifying!!! does the school have a 'uniform shop'? all of the uniformed schools here, even the public ones have uniform shops. i'm sure it helps!

Working mum said...

Thanks for the comments on school uniform.

Sass e-mum - I think I'll wait to find out what one is, I like the suspense!

MOTL - I feel for you with five - I don't suppose much can be passed down with uniform as it gets such a hammering.

Frog in the field - I hate to think what a puddlesuit is if it's a typo!

Claire - hadn't thought of that; great idea - I just need to find out how to steal the key to the Lost Property cupboard!

Scrappy Sue - we do have second hand uniform sales, but they take place in the afternoon while I'm teaching! Great help that is!