Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Is it me?

Just had to post what happened to me today.

I had an appointment for 11.10am at the doctor's and a friend coming for lunch at 11.30am. Doable.

Walked into the surgery at 10.50am where I was given number '12'. Looking at the wall they were on number '7'. By 11.10am (my appointment) they were still on number '7'.

Waiting room completely full including two screaming kids throwing plastic warriors at each other while mum said things like "Don't Kyle" and "Sit down Michaela" to no effect.

I went to reception to say that I couldn't stay and wait whereupon the receptionist said, "Well you were early!" !

I pointed out that it was now my appointment time and there were still 4 more people to be seen before me so, whether or not I was early, I still wouldn't be seen for at least an other half hour and that would be way past my official appointment.

She conceded and made another appointment for me on Friday at 9.00am

I asked if that was the first appointment of the day. It was. I gave her my parting shot:

"So there's a chance I might be seen on time?"

Then I left.


Amanda said...

On the desk at my doctor's office there is a memo that says that you will be charged if you are over 15 min late for your appointment. My question is, can we start deducting from our payment as we wait for them?

scrappysue said...

that is so frustrating! i phone ahead now and see how late the doc is running! thankfully we hardly ever have to go (touch wood)!

trust ur healthy and your visit wasn't for anything serious.

Sass E-mum said...

That's a very weird appointment system. So you book a time AND then you have to queue as well. I'd go nuts.

It might be NHS but it's not consistent. My local health centre has massively improved it's appointment system so that if you work or have other time constraints they'll prioritise selected times for you.

the mother of this lot said...

Would that be the Hitler-style receptionist who's obviously moonlighting at our surgery?

By the way, there's a tag over here for you - hope your teacups are clean!

auntiegwen said...

I love your optimism

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your neat plan didn't work out. On a cautionary note though; if you still have an NHS GP who will spend the necessary time with each individual (at the expense of running late), treasure them. They could be an endangered species, and let's be honest, as 'service users' we don't all stick rigidly to our allocated time with doctors (or teachers) though we might when paying solicitors...

Working mum said...

Feel the need to explain about my doctor's surgery now. The idea is you have an appointment and the number thing just ensures no-one steals your slot as there isn't an intercom.

The doctor I had an appointment with is always on time, so I thought I would be OK. Problem was, she was off and the locum was running late.

If I book with the other doctor, he is always 30 - 40 mins behind the appointment times, but knowing this, and knowing that you can have as much time as you like with him, I do wait for him.

The problem this time was my expectations and the locum!

My bugbear was the attitude of the receptionist!!