Sunday, 4 May 2008

Gorgeous garden?

Well I survived the rest of the week. Went back to work on Thursday and suffered through a Parents' Evening with tonsillitis. Luckily, I had an in-service training day on Friday so I could rest my poor throat. We had child protection training, ICT training (playing about with Powerpoint) and then 'department development planning' (or 'designing our soon-to-be refurbished office'). I think my colleagues thought I was taking it a bit far when I was talking about framed pictures for the walls to make our working environment more pleasant and I hadn't even got onto plants and a coffee machine!

Yesterday we had a nice, lazy family day at home. Shopping, baking, walking to the park, sitting in the 'garden' and an assault on the garden centre for plants. Being ill since Christmas and having bad weather this spring means that I have done nothing in the garden department.

Today, husband is at the football, again. City v Liverpool at Anfield. He's going to away games now! It's getting out of control!

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Thought I would use this afternoon to get on with the garden, but the weather is against me, so, instead, I'll blog about the garden.

As you know, we are 'doing up the house' which also includes the gardens.

At the front husband and I cleared all the overgrown shrubs and weeds last year leaving just one item - The Cherry Tree. It was the only thing worth keeping and is now in full blossom:


Husband laid a few more flags by the front door so people don't fall into the lawn when we open the front door and I've planted some low maintenance evergreen stuff to keep it looking reasonable.

The back garden was more of a problem. Thirty years of neglect meant that there was very little worth keeping (we've saved a camellia, a lilac, a laburnum and a plum tree) so we had to get a firm in to clear it. It was a whole day of burly men with chainsaws cutting down stuff and dragging it to the front to feed it into a giant chipping machine, followed by 'Stumpbusters' with their 'Predator' machine to grind out the stumps (boys and their toys!):

Then we had to get new fencing put in (we are still waiting for the cheques from the neighbours).

Now we are faced with the task of creating a garden from scratch. Husband decided the most important part was daughter's play area, so last summer he laid the flags and bark, bought her a swing and a playhouse and she is all set:

We're hoping that the corner next to her play area will have a beautiful stone patio laid in a couple of weeks and then I can do my japanese garden theme around it.

The rest is going to be a normal English garden so I've been trying to fill the borders with shrubs and hardy perennials so that they can be getting established whilst the chaos goes on around them. I am particularly proud of my bleeding heart. I bought it as a 'stick in a bag' which is how I buy most plants as it is cheaper, but you never know if they are going to take. This was a photo I took yesterday:

If the rain stops I am going to throw some annual seeds in the borders to create a bit of colour this summer (cornflowers, mallow, poppies, etc) and hope for some decent weather this summer!

Eventually we need a new lawn and some block paving around the back of the house, but Rome wasn't built in a day!


Maggie May said...

Oh if I had the strength, I would LOVE to design a garden from scratch. You are so lucky.
Love the flowering cherry. Glad you saved it & your little shed is up already. We stained ours blue.
Glad you are feeling better. Weather could be better.

Sass E-mum said...

I've never seen a bleeding heart flower before. Incredible. You must have very gren fingers.

Amanda said...

Yes, that bleeding heart was beautiful. It looked like a picture out of a book. And I love the lil' playhouse for the daughter. I need one of those. It looks like you have many busy days ahead of you.

The Country Craft Angel said...

Crikey-looks as if you have your work cut out!!

I am time it will be a gorgeous garden

best wishes

family affairs said...

Glad you're feeling better - love those little love hearts - so pretty x

Reluctant Housewife said...

Nice picture of your bleeding heart. I love them. When I was little, I used to pick the blossom and tell a story about a prince and something (I don't remember it now). The story ended with the prince's heart being pierced by a sword, at which point I'd push the long black bit in the middle of the blossom (what is that called? I'm no gardener) through the blossom itself in a dramatic fashion, like a sword piercing the heart... I'm not sure my grandmother was impressed with me for picking all of the blossoms off of her bleeding heart, but my friends really enjoyed the story.

Working mum said...

Reluctant - I love your story about the bleeding hearts, I wouldn't mind losing a few to a child's imagination.

Sass e-mum - not so much green as grubby!

The rest of you - thanks for the comments, I will try to show more of the garden in the future as it develops.

CC said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I want that playhouse too! And our bleeding hearts are out now too! :)