Friday, 16 May 2008

The Dark Side

This week husband and I attended the 'New Parents' Evening' for daughter, who starts school in September.

In amongst all the anxiety about will she make friends, will she keep up with the work, will she know where the dining room is, what if she can't put her swimming costume on, etc (I have a lot of anxiety about this), a new thought struck me .......

..........I am about to move over to ...........the 'other side'!

After 15 years of being a teacher,

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I am about to become.....

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......... a 'parent'!!

Dah, dah, daaaaaaah!

(scary film music)


family affairs said...

A major period of adjustment required! Hopefully it will all run smoothly for all of you x

scrappysue said...

ah, you were always a parent! i can imagine it must be weird 'putting' yourself on the other side tho!

Reluctant Housewife said...


Mean Mom said...

Ah! Will you begin to see things differently? Interesting!! I don't know. Will you?