Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Assistant with attitude

On Saturday I took daughter to buy some sandals. I had sent her out every day last week in unseasonably warm weather in her trainers; something had to be done.

Knowing what a nightmare shoe buying is at the best of times, never mind during an unexpected week of sun, we hit the shops first thing and were queueing outside Clarks' before they opened.

Yes, queueing!

After taking our ticket and being sixth in line, we were eventually seen by a very helpful (not) assistant. We decided on two pairs of sandals (like you have much of a choice in Clarks) and went to pay a week's wages for them at the till.

This is when it happened.

Trying to be pleasant and sympathetic I said, "I can't believe how busy you are when you've just opened". To which the assistant replied, "Yes, you'd think parents would take their kids to the park on a Saturday"!!

I was so stunned I just picked up my bag and walked out.
It was only later my working mum anger kicked in and I thought,



Mean Mom said...

Hmmm. I think she opened her mouth before her brain was in gear, unfortunately. Her remark doesn't make any sense, no matter which way you look at it.

I often have to shop in the children's department for shoes as I am only a size two and a half! I spend a lot of time trying to prize the little daisies off sandals and boots!!

Mean Mom said...

I've got a feeling I spelt 'prise' with a 'z', instead of an 's'. Apologies if I did. Now, MY brain isn't in gear, but it is very late!


So proper. Let that anger go and let the moron know how difficult it is to be a mum. Working no less, whereever it may be. Sorry he was such an idiot.

Alison Boon said...

Not a very sensible comment. Obviously not fully awake.

ALM said...

I had to organize getting my boys sandals three weeks in advance! Because not only do I work, but I have them only every other weekend. It's crazy the machinations you go through for (seemingly) simple stuff!

Frog in the Field said...

That person is someone I would lovingly refer to as a Tosser!

Jules said...

Well, I'm sure she meant go AFTER you spent all your money on their expensive shoes since it was the only place you could afford to go. Now that you had no money left and all.

auntiegwen said...

If you go back to Jan 2007 on my blog, one of my very first posts was on my room 101 and my very frist choice

Clarks Shoe Shops !!!!

I'm with ya girl xx

scrappysue said...

you have to take a ticket to be served? i bet she was in her early 20s - no clue whatsoever. cute sandals

family affairs said...

People can be so thoughtless....thanks for the vote btw x