Tuesday, 15 April 2008

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

When you have a baby you expect sleepless nights. Feeding and changing every two hours, nightmares, fallen out of bed, lost teddy, wet the bed, etc. I just didn't expect it to go on for so long!

Take last night:

I was soooo tired that when I finished marking at 9.00pm I thought I'd have an early night.

If I can get to sleep for 10.00pm I'll get a full eight hours. Bliss.

At 9.45pm daughter is wimpering. I go to comfort her and then back to bed.

At 10.00pm husband comes to bed, puts the lights on and reads until 10.45pm.

If I can get to sleep for 11.00pm, I'll get seven hours. Still bliss.

At 11.10pm I start coughing, at 11.30pm daughter is crying again, at 11.45pm I flop back into bed. Husband is snoring! (I was one of those wives that thought the earthquake we had recently was my husband's snoring)

If I can get to sleep for midnight, I'll get six hours. Fine.

At midnight daughter is crying again. She's afraid of the dark. She wants me to stay. I never normally do, but I'm sooooo tired I lie down on her ever so comfy bed.

If I can get to sleep by 1.00am, I'll get five hours. Doable.

At 1.00am daughter wants a wee, in her potty. I empty and rinse out potty, return to her room where she has put her bedside lamp on and is 'reading' a book to Tigger. I turn the light off, tell her it's sleep time and stagger back to my own bed.


She's put her lamp on again. I'm too tired to go and tell her to turn it off. She starts singing to her teddies. At 1.30am I go and turn her light off and tell her to go to sleep.

If I can get to sleep for 2.00am I can get four hours. AAAAaarh!

Sometime after 2.00am I fell asleep only to be woken what seems like five minutes later by the six o'clock alarm.

Yet again another working mum sets off for work on less than four hours sleep.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh no! I hope you have coffee.

My son, Monkey, naps at daycare. When he started daycare he wasn't napping at home during the day. It's daycare policy that all the 3 year olds have nap from after lunch until 2pm. Now he's up until 10:30 or 11:00 every night. It's frustrating. He's never been much of a sleeper. When he was a tiny baby, I swear he was up for days at a time.

Sass E-mum said...

Noooo. That's too bad.

Here's what you need to do - grow your toenails so you can stab husband awake in the night and get him to deal with daughter. That'll teach him for reading when you are trying to sleep. (Also the toenail thing is what Recaro does to me, so I KNOW IT WORKS).

SaraLynn said...

this is why I am addicted to coffee :)

CC said...

Yuck yuck yuck!!! I hate, hate, hate these nights!!

scrappysue said...

awwwwwwwww man! i so totally feel for you. i remember those days and i didn't have a full-time job outside the home either. you are a legend! counting is so counter-productive, but i STILL do it and my youngest is 10!!!

i hope u get more sleep tonight!

Amanda said...

No, unfortunately, I think it never ends. I would say that it will end when the kids are out of the house, but then you probably stay up wondering if they are making the right decisions in their life. Someone should write in a book that this job will go on FOREVER!!
Maybe they have and I just missed that book while I was having FOUR kids.

Working mum said...

OK; so I need to grow my toenails, drink coffee, stop counting and be thankful I only have one child. No problem!

(Feeling more 'with-it' today as I had an uninterrupted night last night)

Sarah said...

If there's one thing I can't cope with well, it's lack of sleep. Going to work the next day is just the pits.

My boys are off the 'interrupted night' list, thank goodness!

Mean Mom said...

Even when the youngest of my 3 lads was sleeping through the night, they would all wake up too early, which meant that I still wasn't getting a full night's sleep. For a few years, as they grew older, I did okay, but then the eldest was old enough to stay out later in the evening, so I would listen for him to come home. That happened with all 3 of them, of course and then I hit the menopause, which can sometimes result in 'sleep' problems for some women. I am one of them. Women were born to suffer, weren't they? Don't we do it well?