Friday, 18 April 2008

That Friday Feeling

It's Friday evening. Daughter is in bed fast asleep. No story tonight because she was rude to me and I have to show her who's boss (I'm still trying for that discipline thing while she's young enough to respond). Shame about the story though. I was looking forward to 'The Snail and the Whale' (perhaps I should just read it to myself?).

I know it's only because she is tired. She knows I'm not really cross. This week she said to me, "You love me even when I'm crying, don't you?" and I realised that I tend to preface my rebukes with "I love you loads, but ...." without realising that she was taking it all in.

Husband has gone out for a drink with some friends. This doesn't happen often. He has enough time off for football! So I've got an evening to myself. Bliss!

Time to catch up on my blogging. I know I haven't posted much this week, but it is difficult to find the time in 'past paper season'. Basically, this is the time of year that my lovely pupils do millions of past exam papers to prepare for their exams and I spend every night marking them to give them feedback (it can make a difference of a grade and possibly a university place). It's a double edged sword; I'm pleased that they are so motivated, but god, they create a lot of work!

So, I've got a bottle of red and a large packet of cashews; I'm set up for the night! I haven't even made a pretence of keeping the bottle in the kitchen and going for a refill. No, it's sitting on the coffee table next to me so I don't have to move. How lazy is that?

I'm sitting here thinking about daughter's birthday next week. Not in a sweet, maudlin, 'how time has flown' way. No, I'll do that nearer the time. More in 'why did I say she could have a party?' way. I've managed to avoid the party issue so far, but this year her birthday is a Saturday, I know people will want to pop round, so I might as well give in and have a party.

However, this is on my terms! No children from nursery with strange mums attached. (Not that the mums are odd or peculiar; just that I don't know them). Just the friends and family that I want (or are related to; not necessarily the same thing, but a whole other issue). I decided to go for an 'at home', leisurely thing which probably means that I will be running round making sure everyone is happy for five hours instead of two. It also means we have to tackle tidying up the garden and making the house look, well, less of a hovel than it looks now. Difficult.

Anyway, being a mega-organised virgo type I have put husband in charge of decorations and entertainment and I'm doing food. Husband is a gregarious Leo type who loves entertaining so I'm playing to his strengths here. I've also, very wisely, given him a budget as he is liable to go over the top on the decorations.

Food is my forte. I am going for a mixed hot and cold buffet. I've just booked my delivery slot with Tesco (TGFT) and will sort out the finer points of the menu during the week.

The Birthday Cake is already chosen. Daughter wants the red racing car one in Tesco (TGFT) that looks a bit like Lightning McQueen. (We love 'Cars'!) Every week she studies the birthday cakes in Tesco deciding which one she wants for her next birthday! Sorted. At least I don't have to create it myself. I just need to go and order one from Tesco bakery tomorrow.

Now all I have to do is find Lightning McQueen plates, cups and napkins and we're ready!

Oh, and maybe I need to buy her a present?

Well, I think that's enough to be going on with. An episode of 'Desperate Housewives' calls, and so does another glass. Cheers!


Sass E-mum said...

I love a night in on my own too. I'm doing the same thing (minus the past papers).

Clink clink.

the mother of this lot said...

Have a good evening. And I'd read The Snail and the Whale - it's brilliant!

jakelliesmom said...

I hate when I have to take away stories, but it happens.

It sounds like you have a nice party planned. I'm not one for overblown celebrations, even though I've hosted a few.

Dusty Spider said...

Returning your visit and thoroughly enjoyed your blog. 'im indoors is a football fanatic too. As I write he's watching the MU match on Setanta. Do I take it you're not a footee fan? Me neither. We have two sitting rooms to accommodate our very different interests - but it works for us. We've been married 40 years next year. You'll have seen from my blog that the problems with offspring just keep getting worse. But I'm so proud of them it hurts. Enjoy izzy while she's small. flick xx

scrappysue said...

hey can I come to the party? i LOVE a hot and cold buffet!!! all the best for a fabby party. they fly by and trust me, no-one's going to notice the garden...