Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sweet and Sour Sunday

Today was a first: daughter went to the birthday party of a girl from her nursery. I wasn't keen. I've been holding off for as long as possible, but couldn't come up with a good excuse to miss this one.

So, after checking my blog for comments, I took daughter (and present for child I don't know) to local Scout Hut. Do I go or do I stay? Am I supposed to help? Do I have to make small talk with the yummy mummies? Birthday Girl's mum was lovely and said it was up to me. I thought, "Be brave. You have to let go." (I'm one of those overprotective mums; I won't even take daughter abroad on holiday for fear of illness, abduction, carbon monoxide poisoning, plane crash, etc.) So I left my phone number with Birthday Girl's dad and came home to spend the next two hours worrying if daughter OK. Did a bit of blogging; the meme that the Mother of This Lot had tagged me with. Then I went back to birthday party after an hour and found that daughter had obviously forgotten all about me in the excitement of the birthday party. I survived. I think it's a small step on the way to becoming a normal mum.

While daughter and I at party husband finally finished stripping (hold it!) the wallpaper off our bedroom. It has taken us two months! This is the longest we have ever taken to strip a room. I think we're slowing down after 'doing up the house' overload. Now we're waiting for the builder to do the stud wall then we'll be sanding and painting, probably until July.

This afternoon I 'did the finances' which means paying bills (increasing), checking on savings (decreasing) and worrying about the credit crunch (why did we treble the mortgage to buy overly large wreck of a house?). Did a bit more blogging - Reluctant Housewife has given me the 'Blog of Distinction' Award! Yaay! Then I got ready to return to work. Pencils sharpened, briefcase packed and that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yes, it's that 'back to school' feeling. And you thought only pupils got it!

It's not that I dislike my job, I don't, I enjoy it. It's varied, interesting, challenging and rewarding. I just wish there wasn't so much of it! The start of term is like jumping onto a fast moving hamster's wheel whilst doing four other things with your hands. Most days I don't even go to the toilet at work, or, if I do, I sit there thinking "I haven't got time for this"!

It's such an odd existence: work 60 hours a week for six weeks then have one or two weeks off. It's like living two lives. And it's so funny how those people who say "but you do get all those holidays" wouldn't dream of being a teacher themselves! (I must admit that the long summer holidays are a huge bonus, they make up for the low pay and I wouldn't give them up for the world)

This evening I did a bit more blogging, writing this post, which will probably be the last for a few days as I go back to being working mum again, measuring my life in 5 minute chunks and trying to achieve the impossible dream of having it all. Now I have an extra problem: how am I going to fit in all this blogging as well?


David said...

I am enjoying your blog very much. Your style is so readable and is a treat. Thanks for sharing

Amanda said...

I don't know how you will fit blogging in, but you must! Good job relaxing a little and letting the girl have fun on her own. I think it will get easier. Maybe. Hopefully.

the mother of this lot said...

Oh, I remember those first parties. Coming home and pacing the floor till it was over. Bit like a United away match really.

Mean Mom said...

I can remember the time when my youngest son wouldn't stay at parties, by himself, and I had to stay. It didn't last long, I'm glad to say. Have you hosted a party, yet? There's a treat!

I hope that work goes OK. You are welcome to come to a tea party at my place. It's so that people can pick up awards. You already have the award, but you are still welcome.

scrappysue said...

teachers are angels here on earth! i can't imagine how you work 60 hours a week - crazy! but you are doing a fine job - your halo is on straight to be sure :)

Sass E-mum said...

60 hour weeks? Roll on the holidays!

Casdok said...

Where would we be with out our wonderful teachers!! And i can understand the need for your holidays!

aims said...

Being a teacher takes something that most of us don't have. You know that! and I as a non-teacher know that!

I envy your patience and your ability to do this.

Thinking back - I know I only have a few teachers that stick out in my mind as ones that changed my life. I imagine you are one of those.

Too bad it is so demanding. I hope you get a huge amount of gratification out of it when the term is done.

SaraLynn said...

hehehe...I love your posts!

Sorry it's back to work, but I will be among the masses awaitng a new post!!

(stripping and,my)