Friday, 11 April 2008

Pollen in the Wind

The Mother of This Lot has seen fit to give me the above award because I "cheer her up no end"!

That's good to know.

It's fun to see the movement of these awards across the ether. Some have described them as moving like viruses, but I think that makes them sound sinister. I think awards are more postive and deserve a better description; I prefer to think of them as moving like 'pollen in the wind'.

The strangest thing is watching the 'Blog of Distinction' award moving to other sites because....

(I'll let you into a little secret here)

..........that particular bit of pollen was made from a photo of me!

I feel like I am floating around the world with my magic wand spreading little pieces of joy! A veritable blogging Tinkerbell! (Or maybe I've just had one too many glasses of wine? Think I'd better go to bed now)

1 comment:

Mean Mom said...

Well, I guessed it was made from a photo' of you! I did! I did! Honest!