Monday, 21 April 2008


I seem to have inadvertantly caused an outbreak of 'avatar creating' at my school.

You see, I have this other blog. One I run for my pupils. An educational one. Totally unrelated to this one. It's not even on the same google account (so that they don't find this one, heaven forbid!).

Well, I thought it would be cute to post the avatars of myself that I've been creating for this blog onto my other blog:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

See? This is me in the corridor. Very cute!

The only problem is, pupils are now coming up to me and asking how did I do it? Is it free? (very important when you're only 13) and how can they do one? Totally missing the point of my post about how to revise effectively for exams. (Can you blame them?)

Anyway, a good proportion of my pupils are now using the school computers to create little avatars of themselves. They've even got them onto their mobile phones! (How do they do that?)

This wasn't my intention. Oooops!

Doesn't it count as developing their IT skills?
Surely this makes me a true 21st century teacher?


Mean Mom said...

You now have your students in the palm of your hand. Make the most of it.

Well, you must certainly stand out in a crowd. If you see someone running away from you, very fast, it will probably be me. :0)

CC said...

Very cute! Great idea to have a totally seperate account for your student-audience blog!

Reluctant Housewife said...

That's great. They must think you're so cool.

Mom of Three said...

Adorable! I must have one!

Also, you inspired me to begin a series of "Vacation around your home" series.

Dusty Spider said...

Indeed it does! Great stuff. Flick x

echoeve said...

I love that you have an account for your students.

How do you make the avatars. I will have to google it.