Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day!

I think I'm going a bit doolally. This is my fifth day off sick this year and, as a working mum, I'm just not used to having time to myself. I really shouldn't be allowed to be on my own.

Of course, this isn't really a day off work, just a day off teaching, as I've brought loads home with me and I've already had one e-mail from work which I've had to deal with. But, as I was sitting at the computer writing the first year summer exam and listening to the radio, I heard the line up for the Glastonbury Festival this year.

Now, those of you who recognise the post title will know what's coming.

One of this year's artists is the long forgotten Gilbert O'Sullivan.

On hearing his name I was instantly transported back to 1977 and dancing round my parents' lounge singing "Matrimony":

"I dooooooooooooon't wish to hurry you love, but have you seen the time?
It's quaaaaaaaaaaaarter to ten and we're supposed to be there at nine!"

I loved Gilbert O'Sullivan!

"Claire, the moment I met you I swear, I felt as if something somewhere...."

So what have I done? No, I haven't bought tickets for Glastonbury, I'm too old for all that mud. No, I've been on to and ordered the whackily titled 'The Berry Vest of Gilbert O'Sullivan'! I'm so excited!

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"One minute you say you will and the next you won't,
One minute you remeeeeember and the next you don't"


Mean Mom said...

Like the avatar. Bedroom's a bit of a mess, but the singing is fine.

Gilbert O' Sullivan? Yes, I think I knew the words to most of his songs and I can sing them all remarkably well, you know. Get a player, on your site, and find a few of his tracks!! Then, we can all listen.

Working mum said...

Mean mom - I've been to myflashfetish for a player, but they didn't have any Gilbert O'Sullivan. Just wait, though. After Glastonbury everyone will want him! It isn't "out of the queeeestion". oops, there I go again!

Claire Sutton said...

Yes, you are going a bit doolally!

Frog in the Field said...

I hate to admit it, but those songs do have a good feeling about them, God, now I'm feeling ill as well,...

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Funny how being home sick can be a comfort! I can remember the luxury of taking the children to school and then coming back and flopping into bed until 3pm! Pure bliss - apart from the feeling poorly bit, of course. M xx

MamaGeek said...

A day alone? Oh that sounds divine. And the song? It speaks for itself! :)