Sunday, 13 April 2008

Mixed Weekend

On Friday night I visited a friend and helped her daughter with some A level work she was struggling with. Of course, ten minutes with me and the subject was miraculously unveiled! Just call me superteacher! However, I forgot the invitation to daughter's birthday party which was the reason for my visit. Just call me dozy mare! Oh well, it just means I get another pass out to deliver the invitation next week!

Saturday was the usual: food shop, clean the house (it was the lounge and dining room's turn this week), do the washing, etc. Followed by a quick nip to the shops to look for some casual clothes for me. Of course I came back with four t-shirts, and some adorable trousers, oh and a lovely reversible bucket hat. Yes, you guessed it. All for daughter. OOOOOOO and I just had to buy her the Disney Princess sunglasses!

Saturday night I was hosting a proper grown-up dinner party for friends. I haven't done that since before daughter was born. I was sooooo looking forward to it. Was. Yes, you guessed it. It was called off. Because of illness. Not mine for once! Undeterred I am going to rearrange it for the near future. I need a sophisticated evening of adult conversation.

So, instead, I watched 'I'd do Anything' making intelligent and informed comments about the singing (I am a singer, you know). Comments getting increasingly incomprehensible as I worked my way through a bottle of Chianti. I think the high point was when a girl sang a song from 'West Side Story' and I announced 'Well, I sang that song in that show when I was 17 and I sang it better than that!'. Husband fell about laughing and pointed out that I didn't sing it live on Saturday night in front of 3 million people. Okay, he has a point.

Today was a hoot! We'd signed up to do a Treasure Hunt organised by choir. We invited some friends along and so that we could all go together, we borrowed a school minibus. What a laugh! We drove round Stockport looking for clues and trying to find treasure such as 'a garden gnome' and 'a dry cleaning ticket'. It finished in a pub, as all decent choir trips do, where we had a huge meal and lots of frivolous conversation.

Home to put daughter to bed who fell asleep almost as I read the last line of her story. Aaaah.

A few exam papers to mark, the 'I'd do Anything' results show (they really need me on that panel; why does Andrew Lloyd Weber keep saving her?) and a nice cup of tea while watching 'Lark Rise to Candleford'. It'll take me months to watch the entire series, but I'm enjoying it.

Now it's up the stairs to Bedfordshire, a couple of chapters of 'Slummy Mummy' and then back on the treadmill for another five days.

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