Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Yes, I'm ill again:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
(How many avatars can one woman have?)

Last time it was laryngitis, this time tonsillitis. How many 'itises' can I get in one year? Laryngitis, tonsillitis, tendonitis, conjunctivitis, cystitis ........ maybe not!

Well, rather than wallow in self pity I decided to cheer myself up like I did last time (with ten magic moments of singing with the Manchester Chorale) by doing ten Izzyisms. These are words that Izzy used as she was learning to talk:

Gangan (Grandad)
Axient (Accident)
Fablious (Fabulous)
Beemahna (Banana)
Dennis (Dice)
Condenation (Condensation)
Psgetti (Spaghetti)
Felingoes (Flamingoes)
Mischief (Moustache)
Importnent (Important)

Very cute, I know, but they could come back to haunt her in years to come!

My parents still refer to my 'isms': 'dresseog' for dressing gown and 'tuckers' for cushions. My dad referred to them in his father-of-the-bride speech. He even told the tale of when I came home from school on my first day (a Church of England school) saying that God wants us to stay clean. When asked why, I said, "We have to ask him to forgive us our dressmesses!"

It was nearly forty years ago. For heavens sake, let it go!

(Oh, I've just put it on tinternet for all eternity. Oooops!)


Mean Mom said...

The avatars get better and better! I love this one. I can tell that you're ill. I always perform that action when I am ill. Great pyjamas!

I like the list of words. You should keep that in a safe place. There will come a time, when daughter is a teenager, when you may feel a need to 'get your own back' for something. Mark my words, as my mother still likes to say.

Dressmesses. Yes, I've suffered from a few of those. I tend to look better in jeans and a top. Sorry. Okay, I'm going, no need to push!

Angeline said...

Hmmm...you looked really ill (from the avatar)....do take care....looks like sicknesses liked to visit you lately...I just had one disease after another knocking at our doors earlier this month....we were nearly dead, cos' no one was well enough to take care of another...

anyhow, I liked the way you cheer yourself up. nice!

Sass E-mum said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. Looks like we could both do with looking after ourselves.

scrappysue said...

i think we all have 'isms'. they are so cute. miss 18 used to say 'slaw' for floor, and one of my girls still calls the shallow end of the pool the SHADOW end. one used to say 'yart on' for light on (when she used to come in at some ungodly hour and want us to start the morning!) fun times.

Mom of Three said...

Ugh, poor thing! You still have your tonsils? Is it chronic?

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hahaha... dressmesses. Great punch line.

I love your avatars... no such thing as too many.