Thursday, 3 April 2008

Family Fun Days

We love our 'Family Fun Days': choose a destination, pack a picnic and off we go!

Destinations are dependent on the weather, Quarry Bank Mill, Formby Sands, Chirk Castle, Knowsley Safari Park (never again after the baboons wrecked my car), Tatton Hall, etc. Anywhere interesting and hopefully available through Tesco Days Out Vouchers (TGFT).

Picnics are a real family tradition. If the weather's a bit cold it's homemade soup and sandwiches, usually eaten in the car looking at the view through rain soaked windscreen (ah, memories of my childhood). If good it's sandwiches and tubs of goodies such as grapes, carrot sticks, pepper sticks, cherry tomatoes - so virtuous! In fact, I do that terrible thing of checking out other families' picnics and making judgements: yoghurts and apples-health conscious mum, oh dear crisps - does she know what she's doing to their kidneys, pre-packaged sandwiches - just lazy!

Yesterday the weather didn't look too good so we decided on Eureka! in Halifax, W Yorkshire courtesy of Tesco (TGFT).

Eureka! The Museum for Children has sections dedicated to finding out how your body works, different environments such as ocean, desert, garden and a child-sized town where you can work in the Post Office or the Bank, shop at M&S and work on the tills, help Transco replace old gas pipes underground (I think they need all the help they can get judging by the chaos they are causing), drive a Yorkshire Electricity lorry and work on cars.

It's hard to tell who enjoyed the exhibits the most:

That's me trying to teach daughter how to change a wheel, it's never too early to learn these life skills! Then again I could just teach her how to phone the RAC and let a man get his hands dirty while you sit warm and comfortable in his van. (You can take women's lib too far)

Tomorrow we're going to try a new place (courtesy of Tesco again - TGFT): Spaceport on the Wirral. We looked it up on tinternet today to find out opening times when daugher informed me she already knows all about space:

Her: I know all about space - it's dark.

Me: Anything else?

Her: Yes, it's pushing down and the sky, which isn't dark, is trying to push out.

Me: So what happens then?

Her: Well, at night the sky pushes out and that's why it's dark!

Me: Really?

Her: Well, apart from the twinkly stars.

Me: Obviously!

I blame Lunar Jim and Space Pirates.


Amanda said...

What a fun time for the family. It sounds like you have so many fun things to do over there. That Lunar Jim site is tons of fun and I can't wait until Jonathon gets home. He will love it.

Mean Mom said...

My husband and I love picnics, so much so, that on one holiday, when our sons were much younger, and we announced that we going to have a picnic, they chorused 'Oh no! Not another picnic!'

Eureka looks and sounds great. We will have to scout around and look for a child to take.

the mother of this lot said...

Dunham Massey's quite good. Mine got to dress up in maids clothes and do old-fashioned washing in a dolly tub!

There's an award over here for you.

Working mum said...

MOTL - we go to Dunham all the time to walk off Sunday dinner and funnily enough we've never been in the house, despite being NT members. Every time we say "we should look inside the house", but we never do! (Tend to get distracted by the cakes in the stables restaurant)

It's true what they say about not appreciating what is on your doorstep!