Monday, 28 April 2008

Doctor's Advice

Managed to get a doctor's appointment today after missing a staff meeting this morning to hang on the phone at 8.30am (if you don't get through by 8.40am there are no appointments left).

Official diagnosis: Tonsillitis and run down

Cure: Antibiotics and rest

Conversation with doctor:

Him: You need to rest to get better. Do you work full time?

Me: Yes

Him: Ah............................ And how old is your daughter?

Me: Just turned four

Him: Oh.......................... And you are a teacher?

Me: Yes

Him: Oh.......................... Well maybe you could try and reduce your workload?

Me (trying not to laugh): OK

* * * * * * *

So, I have asked if I can just teach my exam classes tomorrow (twenty five fifth years, one LVI and two UVI classes). Does that count as reducing my workload? How can I reduce my workload on Thursday when I've got a Parents' Evening (and hence a 13 hour day)? I'll figure that one out after I've marked these 18 exam papers the pupils gave me today!


Maggie May said...

He doesn't know what he is talking about! There is stress in the classrooms & behind the scenes. I am not a teacher but I know what goes on & the pressure everyone is going through. Most of the staff in my school is coping with stress. Better shut up in case I'm recognized as a squealer! Ha!
Hope you feel better soon. too bad about the open evening. Must be a nightmare having to put in so much overtime.

womaninawindow said...

I don't know how teachers do it? Don't your wires get totally fried? I guess the answer is no, you just get sick. Good luck with recuperation!

CC said...

Reduce your workload...... ha ha ha ha... what was that? Oh yeah, that was me trying to suppress more laughter! ha ha ha