Sunday, 20 April 2008

Catching up

Husband has taken daughter swimming. It's his 'daddy and daughter' thing. The Sunday dinner is under control. Lamb with all the trimmings, plus blackberry and raspberry crumble. Yum! So I'm taking the opportunity to catch up with all my blog reading.

I've added quite a few to my list recently and I promise I am reading them all. Something to do with my nosy nature. I love reading the ones with younger children as it reminds me of when daughter was younger. I also like the ones with older children as it gives me advance warning of things to come. I also love the grandmothers out there who blog, they remind me of my mum who is also a silver surfer, and give me a different perspective on motherhood. People in different circumstances, people living in different parts of the world, it's all just so interesting.

Here's a selection of the many I've found recently:

Be Water, My Friend I'm fascinated by the cup cakes!
Diary of a Country Bumpkin Inspiring, with beautiful countryside
Dusty Spider Why did it take me so long to find her? Pop in for a spot of dusting
Life's Free Treats Tales from Australia
View from the High Peak Love the Peak District!
Nuts in May I still can't get past the fact that 'Maggie May!' was my grandmother's choice of swear word! Nice blog though!
Red White and Bleu Tales of Paris and London
St Bloggie de Riviere Amusing tales of a Brit living in France

Blog on!


Jennifer said...

Stopping in to say hello.

Thank you for the list, I am about to go and check out other blogs. I love to blog surf :)

(btw - I came to your site via an award that you started, and I received)

family affairs said...

Thanks for the list Im going to check some of them out - View From The High Peak is a friend of mine! X

scrappysue said...

i have so many great new blogging friends - i can't even remember how i found them (or you!) but glad that i did.

i'm having another giveaway, and i don't think u've seen the video yet!!!

i don't think your hubby can win - under your feet or not around at all! but that's a lot of football i agree...

lamb with all the trimmings and raspberry goodness!!! did u set a place for me?????