Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Case of the Missing Mug

I knew I couldn't stay away!

So, I return to work:

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Pupils are lovely asking me if I am better, did I have a nice holiday and saying that they'd missed me (not sure if that's a good thing). So far so good.

Then I go in my classroom.......

I can cope with the fact that my room had been 'borrowed' for a conference and that there are desks and chairs missing. In fact, by the time I had spent half an hour lugging desks up and down corridors to get my room straight I had the most toned arms ever, better than the gym!

But what I can't cope with is that MY MUG IS MISSING!

Husband bought me the mug, it's bright and cheerful, it holds my break duty cup of tea, it holds my 'get me through the day' hot lemon. More than that it says 'Total Babe' on it reminding me that how stressed or miserable I get, husband thinks I'm a babe.

I scoured the staff room, the school kitchens and the sixth form common room, but no mug.

Then, thinking that fifteen pairs of eyes are better than one, I asked my sixth formers to look out for it. They ask me to describe it. After they had finished killing themselves laughing at the words 'total babe' (children can be so cruel) they agreed to keep their eyes peeled.

Perhaps I should just get a new mug?


Amanda said...

I think you should use your paint shop and make little signs to put up everywhere. Although, I'm not sure what that would do for your reputation.

CC said...

OMG! I totally know what you mean! I broke my mug at work earlier this year and almost started crying in front of my students! No mug, no coffee :( :(

The Fixer said...

hi working mum

what's it worth for me 2 tell you how to get round blog blocking? perhaps we could do a deal on homework help. what do you teach ???????


echoeve said...

I hate it when I put something somewhere and someone else moves it. I don't mind sharing but couldn't they make sure all your stuff is where you left it.

SaraLynn said...

Oh no! I hated it when I lost my favorite mug! So sorry :(

It's nice that you were missed though right?

Hope you have a good evening, and I just wanted to let you know, I finally got around to passing along the award. Thanks again for that! I will try to get the me meme done tomorrow..."me meme" say that fast several times..hehe...i am tired....sigh

the mother of this lot said...

Sorry, could I just apologise for my daughter who is coming across as Don Corleone....perhaps I need to exercise a little more parental responsibility....

Mean Mom said...

I've found that I have more and more 'favourite' things, as I've become older. I was devastated when my son accidentally broke my favourite mug about 3 years ago. I have bought other pretty mugs, but they're just not the same - sob!!!

Thanks for the award. Hope to passs it on later this afternoon.

Maggie May said...

Hope you find the mug. You can get really attached to them. Came here via Mean Mom. nice friendly blog!

Working mum said...

The Fixer - Sorry, I'm not ready to reveal my subject yeons!t, but I'm sure someone as clever as you can manage without me!

MOTL - Don't worry, she's a normal child of the 21st century!

Mean Mom - persevere, my mum says you have to 'make friends' to new possessions!

Maggie May - thanks for popping in, I'll reciprocate soon :)

Working mum said...

Sorry 'yeons!t' should be 'yet'; I'm typing with my left hand as daughter insists I puy right arm arond her! Ooops, there I go again!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Heh, what do they know? They're kids. Of course you're a total babe.

Hope you find your mug.