Sunday, 27 April 2008

Birthday Party and WMS

Birthday Girl blowing out her candles

Weekend started well. Daughter, Izzy, woke up at 6.30am as usual, very excited about birthday. We'd spent Friday evening decorating downstairs with balloons, banners and streamers which just added to her excitement. Presents opened and played with by 7.30am!

Went to pick my car up from garage. Not as bad as I thought, £120 for new spark plugs, leads and stuff (I'm so mechanically minded). Daughter came with me and shouted "Penelope Polo, Penelope Polo!" when she saw her on the forecourt; young mechanic thought that the name 'Penelope Polo' was "classic"!

Quick detour to French bakery for baguettes and home to do buffet.

First lot of guests arrived at 12 noon and had lunch at 1.00pm before leaving to go to the football. Cleared food away and then welcomed second lot of guests around 3.00pm (the ones who couldn't come until later due to dance classes, hair appointments, etc). Then fed them another buffet at 5.00pm. At 6.00pm football fans came back and depressed everyone with tales of how City had thrown it all away again.

All the time I was running round like a whirling dervish making sure everyone happy, fed and watered, while husband was in charge of entertainment. For 'entertainment' read 'husband and Izzy's godfathers playing swingball, Elefun, child's badminton and child's golf in garden'!

Luckily my brother helped with drinks and poxy godmother helped with dishes. (No, you read it correctly. Short explanation: Izzy's godfather was living in France when she was christened so his mum stepped in at the ceremony as proxy godmother, which has since turned into 'poxy godmother'!) Later on, my mum helped clear up and do a mountain of dishes while I got a very tired Izzy ready for bed and my dad put her to bed and read the bedtime stories as I had lost my voice by this point. I think she had a great time:

Husband and I thoroughly exhausted had one glass of wine each and then zonked out at 9.30pm.

Today sore throat no better, coughing incessantly and keep losing my voice. Had to phone the secretary of the Chorale to say I couldn't attend concert.

Damn that WMS!

Extract of conversation with husband today:

Him: You need to go to the doctors

Me: Why?

Him: Because you're always ill

Me: He just says I'm run down

Him: Then do something about it (classic Mars answer)

Me: Like what?

Him: Rest!

(My answer is not printable, but I'm sure you can guess)


Maggie May said...

Izzy looks adorable and so glad she had a good Birthday. You sound as though you are running a cafe!
How did you manage all those buffets & things? No wonder you tumbled into bed. Phew! Tired just thinking about it.
Hope the sore throat goes. I can remember being constantly ill with things like that when my own children were young & me a lot younger too! Now I think i've built up a bit of a resistance with working with so many kids. Hope I'm not pushing my luck saying this!

Swearing Mother said...

Rest?? Ha!

scrappysue said...

izzy looks like she had a great day! she is too cute! i hope her hair never changes! sounds like u need a holiday from your life at the moment! your body's giving you a 'hint' right now, but eventually it'll make MUCH louder noises. take care of u

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh how I remember all of that constant activity and the non-stop illnesses. Despite that, Izzy obviously had a lovely time - you need to just give yourself a break, if you can! M :-)

Reluctant Housewife said...

So much work, no wonder you're sick... Rest? Hope you're better soon.

Izzy looks very happy, though. Love the upside-down picture. Love her curly hair too... Buddy used to have curls, but they've gone with his babiness, not he's a big straight-haired boy.