Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Working Mum Syndrome (WMS)

Don't wish to be down today, but I am feeling lousy. I guess I shouldn't have gone back to work on Monday as I am now aching all over, starting with the shivers and have lost my voice (not a good idea for a teacher).

Amazingly my lovely pupils have been great today and don't seem to mind being taught by sign language.

Big worry is Saturday's concert - I have a two and a half hour rehearsal tonight which I will have to attend to get conductor's notes, but will have to mime the music. Hope the voice returns for Saturday.

Reason for post title is that I am regularly ill with coughs, colds, chest infections, etc and have no energy (bedtime is 9.00pm unless parents' evening dictates I'm still at work at 9pm). So much so that my GP tested me last year for a variety of illnesses including underactive thyroid (it's in my family), but concluded that I just have

'Working Mum Syndrome' (full time job + toddler = ill)

He was sympathetic, but didn't have a cure - shame!


family affairs said...

It's very tough for teachers and doctors/nurses I think - the ones i know are always ill! Hope you feel better soon - found you via Wife In The North, will pop back soon!

Working mum said...

Thanks for popping in. Usually I like to be more upbeat; I do love my job, it's just not one you can do easily when you're under the weather. Check in after the concert next week. I'll be fine then.

Amanda said...

Kudos to you for doing it all. I stress with just my one job. Hope you feel better. Although, like grandma always says, you'll never feel better if you don't lay down and get some rest.

Sass E-mum said...

Words of wisdom from Amanda. Get well soon.

I have a single-parent friend who swears by a day at the spa every three months. Only managed this once myself - I let the cost and hassle of persuading Ricarro to look after Ellie for a whole day get in the way. My mistake.