Saturday, 1 March 2008


I used to love Saturdays. Saturdays consisted of a lie in, a lazy breakfast, a trip to the gym and then an afternoon of shopping or lying on the sofa reading a good book. Of course that was when I was a DINK (double income no kids) and could please myself on my days off.

So what is Saturday like as a working mum?

Well, take today. Husband off to work to do football match (every Saturday from September to March my husband spends Saturday morning with other people's children). I had done the Tesco shop on Thursday night (thank god for 24 hr Tesco) so no big shop today, but I desperately needed to fill the freezer - the lifeline of a working mum.

Off we went to Iceland via the diversion as they are doing yet more roadworks in Timperley. Daughter decides that she is old enough to push the trolley. Very quiet in shop, decide to give daughter opportunity to do something grown up. Unfortunately, no people in shop, but large display of toilet rolls stacked six foot high and yes, you've guessed it ......daughter crashes in to it!

From there we go to daughter's school for photos taken by 'Funky Fotos' (more on them later). When we got the letter from the PTA about family photo day husband said we couldn't do it as he was at work. In fit of pique I decided that he might not be able to do it, but me and Izzy can so I booked us in! So this morning consisted of tantrums over which T-shirt she was to wear and the fact that she needed her hair brushing. Still the photo shoot went quite well. Just a tad stressful trying to choose which one I wanted whilst daughter was running round school hall as if it was a PE lesson.

Then trip to car wash as my car hadn't been washed since Christmas and was covered in bird droppings from work car park. Promised daughter we'd go to the special one that gives you a lollipop while you go through. Guess what - no lollipops any more! Went through car wash with crying child in back of car.

Home for lunch then daughter could choose afternoon activities from a variety. She chose going to park, then to the toy shop to get an animal for her farm as a reward for being star of the week in nursery this week. (I'm so proud!)

Knew things wouldn't go well when we got 100 yards from house and she wanted the toilet. 200 yards further she no longer wanted to scoot her scooter. After half an hour at the park I suggested we go home so that we could go to the toy shop. Major tantrums over which way is home, don't want scooter, too tired to walk, etc. Threatened her with no toy shop if she continued. She threw down the scooter.

Walked home carrying scooter accompanied by wailing daughter.

When I got home husband had come in for a sandwich before he went out to watch City (every other Saturday from September to May husband watches Manchester City).

Time out for daughter, husband leaves, daughter apologises. Plonk her in front of CBeebies whilst I make tea and attempt to clean kitchen.

Later, when she's asleep I may try to tidy lounge as mother-in-law coming tomorrow for Mother's Day. Surely Mother's Day should be prioritised for mums who are actually living with offspring? Well, that's a whole other post .....................


jyotsana said...

first of all verge of what? sure this is the virge we shall remember with so much fondness.interesting reading!!!!

Working mum said...

Thanks for the comment
Usually it's 'on the verge of a nervous breakdown', but my life isn't quite that bad!
All the best!