Thursday, 13 March 2008

Premature panic

Decided to take advice and left work at 11.30am this morning unable to talk or think straight due to illness.

Came home and made 'nice cup of tea' (my mum's answer to all life's ills) and thought I'd better ring MIL to let her know I was home as she would see my car on the drive as she took my daughter to nursery this afternoon and would panic. (MIL lives nearby with a brook between us so she can see our house as she drives alongside the brook from her side)

Couldn't get through to MIL. Her land line rang once then stopped, her mobile number gave strange noises. Went into panic mode - "she's fallen over and when I ring her my daughter picks up but doesn't know what to do!" I thought.

Rushed out of house with no coat and drove round to hers to find her happily playing with daughter. "Yes, my phone's out of order" "Oh I never have my mobile on" Give me strength! Does the woman not know that primary carer of my most treasured possession has to be contactable at all times?

Anyway daughter now delighted that I was there to take her to nursery so we left the house just as the heavens opened and I got drenched.

Dropped daughter off, came home to cold cup of tea.


Sass E-mum said...

He he. You said 'treasured possession'. That's psycho-mummy talk.

Well done for trying to take it easy though.

Working mum said...

Yes, am starting to turn into psycho-mummy this week! Help! Did wonder about the word "possession" though, but I really mean "I can't believe she's my daughter!" rather than "I own her". Semantics. Thanks for checking in again, the support is much appreciated.

the mother of this lot said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting today - am on my way out to an 'Options' evening with Year 9, but will come back later to read more!

United or City? (This may have a bearing on whether I come back.....)!

Working mum said...

Well obviously as we live in Manchester, it's City (my husband assures me that United's supporters all live in London, but that can't be true surely?) Personally I just don't 'get' sport; I prefer a good concert at the Bridgewater Hall with the Halle or the BBC Phil. Why are we married to each other? (Perhaps shouldn't ponder that one)

GoneBackSouth said...

I would have done the same. She should have told you the phone wasn't working! Hope you feel better soon.

claire sutton said...

You're married because you're good together and you bring out the best in each other.

Hope you're feeling much better soon, take it easy on the weekend.

Working mum said...

Note to other message leavers: Claire is a friend of mine who has emigrated to the other side of the world; check out her site ''

Thanks Claire; will e-mail soon!