Thursday, 20 March 2008

On being tagged

Help - I've been tagged by mean moody middle-aged mom. After mad panic thinking it involved some sort of ankle bracelet from local prison I find that I have to list 7 unusual/peculiar things about myself so here goes:

  1. I can recite the alphabet backwards - don't ask me why
  2. At school I learned the art of campanology (church bell ringing)
  3. At university I danced in the university ballroom dancing team (waltz and quickstep) - kept this quiet for a long time, but now it's fashionable thanks to 'Strictly Come Dancing' ('Dancing with the Stars' in America, I think)
  4. I can touch type - much to the annoyance of my two fingered colleagues
  5. In times of stress I hide chocolate under my bed- that last time was a box of Toblerone 'One by One' in January when our boiler packed up
  6. I still suffer from travel sickness - at my age!
  7. I like my books arranged in height order (husband says I have a touch of OCD!):

Looking at that list now I seem like a real weirdo. Why couldn't it have been 'your 7 greatest achievements'?

Now I have to tag seven other people. Seven! How about the blogs I like:

A mother's place is in the wrong
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Apologies if you've already done this one, you're far too busy writing your blogs or you're just far too important!


Sass E-mum said...

I saw your bookshelf and had to send you this - be warned, it could change your whole approach to tidy bookshelves:

Credit where it is due - I heard about this at

Working mum said...

I love it! Why don't Borders do this (or obviously, my much more useful height order thing!)? More worrying perhaps is that I've done this with daughters bookcase too!

family affairs said...

Oh thanks for tagging me!! Lucky I popped in - aren't you meant to let everyone know that they have to come and get their prize? I did this list a few weeks ago, so may not be able to think of anything else that is even a tiny weeny bit interesting....thank you so much anyway x

family affairs said...

trying again - not sure that last comment worked. Thanks so much for tagging me...will attempt to think of some more odd facts - it's harder than you think isn't it?

Amanda said...

I think it is safe to say that you have a touch of OCD. Embracing it is half the battle. I hope I can come up with something that will be odd, yet interesting. It may take a couple of days...

Mean Mom said...

Good list! Very impressed with the bell-ringing and dancing ability. I would be happy if our books were simply in the bookcase. Most of them seem to be in little piles all over the house.

SaraLynn said...

BTW-i have added you to the list of blogs I read...hope that's okay!