Monday, 17 March 2008

Not working mum - getting a bit waylaid!

Having been diagnosed with viral laryngitis (no voice) and signed off work for a week I find myself in the strange and unusual position of not working. Fabulous childminder has returned from her holiday looking tanned and refreshed. Daughter has gone there as usual, so I am not a mum either.

Am now sitting in an eerily quiet house. Feel a bit of a fraud. Here's what I've done so far today:

Started this morning by marking a pile of tests, preparing work for my classes tomorrow and e-mailing it into school. Got a bit waylaid making an avatar of myself, but convinced myself it's all part of developing my IT skills:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Then ventured to the local library; no danger of having to use my voice there. Love the library. The amount of chick lit I get through means that I save approx £260 a year by borrowing rather than buying. I see this as a £260 rebate on my Council Tax (just how to claw back the rest?)

Aside: I do also read serious books (currently also reading 'One to Nine' by Andrew Hodges - a heavyweight book about Mathematics - one day I will reveal my other identity), but mostly when I flop into bed I just want a couple of chapters of amusing, entertaining fluff.

After library I cleaned daughter's bedroom, mainly because it is my favourite room in the house. Got a bit waylaid playing with the Mr Potato Head. Figure I shouldn't clean any more as I am ill and doctor said to rest. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Settled down with a nice cup of tea to watch an episode of 'Lark Rise to Candleford'. Fantastic new digital freeview recorder thingy has recorded the entire series for me - just have to find time to watch it. Got a bit waylaid by 'Loose Women' - no, no, mustn't get dragged into daytime TV twilight zone!

Now updating blog, might just have a look at some other sites while I'm logged on.................


Amanda said...

I think you should spend this week indulging in any guilty pleasure you wish. As long as your body is relaxing. This includes playing with your daughter's Mr. Potatohead. Just don't get all stressed out if you can't find the right nose to match the eyeballs.

the mother of this lot said...

New IT skills are never wasted, in my opinion.

Sass E-mum said...

I try and play with Mr Potatohead at least once a day...

Laryngitis - what a brilliant illness for a teacher. You are still at liberty to go out and do stuff.

Hey - do you remember the heady days of first time maternity leave. For me it was a month of lunching with friends, going to pregnancy yoga and having fun. I'd try and recapture the moment, if I were you!

Working mum said...

Amanda - I'm taking the opportunity to play with all daughter's toys that she doesn't let me play with!

The mother of this lot - thanks for the inspiration to make avatars (I love yours), but I think I'm getting carried away now - have just made three other looks!

Sass e-mum - this is way better than maternity leave; I don't have a baby to deal with, I can watch entire TV programmes and I can eat food before it goes cold!