Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Having it all update

So the general theme of this blog is to find out if it is possible to 'have it all'. A middle class professional should be able to achieve career, marriage, children and home, don't you think? So how am I doing?

Career: well, interviews were held this week for the new Head of our Department and I decided not to apply, so not exactly advancing in career stakes, but the successful applicant has two children who are older than mine giving me hope that a career may be possible in the future.

Marriage: I think I last spoke to my husband on Sunday. Football season coming to an end so should be spending more time with hubby soon (will that help or hinder marriage?!).

Child: regressed to terrible twos and having tantrums again (went to bed without a story on Monday after toilet-based tantrum), but 'Star of the Week' at nursery so can't be doing such a bad job with her.

House: master bedroom now half stripped of wallpaper, need to strip other half before joiner comes to sort out doorway.

Oh, and some time for myself? Well, I managed to get to the second half of the choir rehearsal last night after a 12 hour day at work (Parents' Evening). Concert next week and the 'Big Sing' at the Bridgewater Hall at the end of this month to look forward to.

Altogether I don't think that's too bad.

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