Saturday, 8 March 2008

Funky Foto

For those of your reading last Saturday you will remember that Izzy and I had our photos taken at her school by Funky Foto unbeknowns to my husband! Photos now arrived and here's one:

Daughter was a complete natural and didn't take a bad photo, but yours truly ruined a few with my tendency to close my eyes on photos. However, the photographer took some great pictures and it was really hard to choose. Especially as the prices were very reasonable compared to other contemporary photographers.

If you are interested in Funky Foto for a school or other event please click on their link and contact them (no, I'm not on commission, I just liked them!)

Just hope husband likes the pictures ............

1 comment:

Sass E-mum said...

That's lovely. Izzy has incredible hair. Lucky girl.

You can tell you had a good time doing this.

Any money your husband will want to be included in the next photo session!