Saturday, 29 March 2008

Easter Holidays

Have just returned from a week's holiday in the Peak District. No, we didn't go far, in fact husband said if we've forgotten anything he'd pop back! The distance isn't the point, it's the getting away. Away from the half-finished house, the eternally ringing phone, the garden that needs weeding, etc.

So this was my plan:
  1. Convince my parents that they would like to accompany us on hols to spend quality time with their granddaughter thus halving the work and the cost.
  2. Book comfy cottage in countryside making sure it has all necessary mod cons - Sky TV, DVD player, dishwasher, etc.
  3. Organise the meals for the week - each adult cooks one night, eat out one night, take-away one night and one night of cheese and wine thus giving me six nights off!
This was what happened:
  1. I developed yet another cough and cold (WMS) the day we went away and coughed and sneezed so much that eventually husband depositied me outside a chemists' in Bakewell saying "Buy stuff!"
  2. Made the mistake of taking daughter out of nappies at night two weeks before holiday so spent four nights up at 2am changing sheets.
  3. Daughter developed tummy bug and spent two days vomiting, necessitating major clean up of cottage. (Why is it when daughter is sick I grab the nearest receptacle, rub her back and mutter calming words while husband stands motionless staring at her as if she is something out of 'The Exorcist'?)
Actually, in between these hiccups we did have a good holiday. Snow on Easter Sunday meant snowmen and snowball fights. In the rest of the week we visited The Heights of Abraham by cable car and toured the caverns, visited Sudbury House and the Museum of Childhood (they had my Cindy doll!), visited Hardwick Hall where daughter did the bunny hunt and had a bracing walk around Bakewell followed by tea and the famous Bakewell Tart.

At the end of this fun packed holiday I asked daughter what her best part of her holiday was .........................................." watching CBeebies"

Heigh ho!


Mean Mom said...

Glad you had a good holiday. We spent a few days in Derbyshire, last year and went to the Heights of Abraham. Very popular place and I could see why. Maybe it wasn't so busy when you were there, though?

We took our lads to Iceland quite a few years ago, when they were young. I suffered from a tummy bug the day before we left. My eldest son suffered whilst we were there. My youngest son was sick all over the table in the posh hotel restaurant on the evening before we came home!

Sass E-mum said...

Short distance holidays are the answer. Our first holiday as a threesome was to Camber Sands - a whole hour's drive.

What is it with that WMS thing? Sounds lousy. Go book a massage!