Sunday, 16 March 2008

Daughter knows best

It is thought that children develop empathy for others around the age of 3.

For the past two nights I've ended up sleeping in the lounge on the sofa because lying down makes me cough and cough. Yesterday morning daughter rose at 6.30am and toddled into our bedroom, stopped and asked "Where's mummy?". Husband explained that I was downstairs because of my cough.

This morning I heard daughter's footsteps in her room at 6.30am, she toddled into our room and then came downstairs. "She's coming to see me", I thought.

No, she went into the kitchen. A few moments later she appeared in the lounge and placed this on the coffee table (notice the presentation):

saying, "I brought you a drink of water for your cough, Mummy"!

(I think she's reached the empathy stage)


Amanda said...

If drinking water out of that cup doesn't make you feel better, I don't know what will.
Also, who knew that numbers had a secret life? Sounds like an interesting book.

Working mum said...

Yes, Disney Princesses really are magic! I'll never forget seeing Cinderella in the parade at Disneyworld, Florida (I was 33 at the time!)

I'll tell you about the book in a later post.

Claire Sutton said...

She's inheriting your flair Carol!

Reluctant Housewife said...

How sweet is that?