Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Blinking bonnets!

This is my third day off work and this is how it's going:

7.00am Daughter in tears saying she needs an Easter Bonnet for the parade at school (she goes to the nursery in the afternoons). I know nothing about this, but daughter can't be consoled. Luckily had bought an Easter Bonnet kit from Tesco (TGFT) so by 7.30am we were making bonnet.

8.00am Dropped daughter at fabulous childminder (FC) with bonnet:

8.30am Checked into google reader to catch up with other blogs. Help - I've been tagged by mean, moody middle-aged mom - what does that mean? what do I do? is it painful?

9.00am Phoned school to check if daughter does need bonnet, they don't know. They'll ring back.

9.30am School phoned back to say the parade is this morning, but afternoon pupils can come with their bonnets. Obviously this is what daughter meant. Big dilemma: do I phone FC and say bonnet not required this afternoon, or do I go and collect daughter and take her to parade? Decided to be good mum and get daughter.

9.45am Phoned FC (who was up to her elbows in bread dough with children, she really is fabulous) to say I'll pick daughter up to go to parade.

10.15 am Collected daughter and bonnet.

11.00am Easter Parade! It was lovely. Lots of children (including my beaming daughter) parading around the hall in weird and wonderful bonnets. Then they sat on the stage and sang songs to us. Brought a tear to my eye. How could I have missed this?

12.00 Dashed home to give daughter lunch before dashing out again to deliver her to nursery (forgetting her libary book in the rush)

1.00pm Trudged home from nursery carrying Thomas the Tank Engine scooter (I had let her go to nursery on it)

1.30pm Settled down with nice cup of tea for a rest!

2.00pm MIL arrives to ask me to e-mail a photo for her. Offer her cup of coffee while I do good turn for the day.

2.45pm MIL leaves. Update blog.

3.00pm Set off for nursery to collect daughter.

I don't know which is worse - going to work or staying at home!


Amanda said...

I love that picture of your daughter. She doesn't look much like her avatar counterpart, though. You do need the long, curly, yellow option.
Love the bonnet, too. This store you talk about sounds wonderful.

Working mum said...

Watch out for Tesco in America - they are coming! Lots of people here think they are taking over the world with their supermarkets, mobile phones, finance, internet access, etc. They have fingers in every pie! They do put the squeeze on local farmers and producers for cheaper products which I don't agree with, but there seems to be a backlash now that they will have to take note of. But for working mums like me they are great - supermarkets open 24 hours, lots of stuff for kids (clothes, toys, activity stuff) and their loyalty vouchers can be used for free days out at theme parks and museums or even for holidays! At Christmas they even sold Angel and Shepherd outfits getting me out a Nativity based problem! TGFT!

Sass E-mum said...

Your daughter looks fantastic. I feel very lucky to be getting advance warning of all this crazy easter bonnet stuff. Mind you, I'll probably need botox to stop any permanent 'creative' furrows on my forehead.

Working mum said...

Sass e-mum - just find your nearest Tesco!