Saturday, 23 February 2008

We're "doing up the house"

Part of my mission to have it all is to have a beautiful home. Definitely not succeeding there. Let me explain why this is my hall, stairs and landing carpet (and yes, that is a threadbare patch, there are several).

About five years ago we spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort transforming our lovely little home into a haven. New kitchen and bathroom. Beautiful decoration, mature gardens, newly laid south facing patio, etc all in preparation for starting a family. Idea being that after having said baby we could concentrate on raising child and not worry about house.

Eight weeks after child born husband announces house is too small and drags me and baby househunting. Moved 14 months ago to an overly large house that hasn't been decorated for thirty years with jungle for garden and a forty year old axminster. This was the only way we could afford overly large house and hence why we are "doing up the house". We did seven rooms in seven months then ran out of money and energy! Baby has grown up knowing Clive the fence builder, Keith the plumber, Chris the electrician, Liam the kitchen fitter, Dave the tiler, Martin the alarm man, etc.

Baby now nearly four years old and thinks stripping wallpaper is great fun. Good job really .....

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