Sunday, 17 February 2008

Perfect family weekend

Have just finished perfect family weekend:

Yesterday husband and I took daughter to cinema to see 'Bee Movie'. Ok, so it was a day out at the Trafford Centre, but these things are what you make them. Particularly pleased to find Bee Movie was Odeon 'Kids' Movie and adults go free with £2.50 child ticket. Bought two child tickets (inventing imaginary, never in a million years will I do that again, second child) to get two free adults, total cost for three of us £5! Daughter had slight tantrum as she thought she would be spending the morning in the Early Learning Centre (only reason she can see for going to Trafford Centre). After appeasing her with overpriced pick and mix (thus negating ticket reduction), she enjoyed the movie and sat on my knee making me feel like real mummy.

Then had lunch at Cafe Nova where kids eat free with adult. Perfect!

Of course, then had to take daughter to ELC and, whilst dutiful husband played pirates and dragons, I nipped out to buy shoes for work and came back with five pairs and £160 worse off, thus negating free child's lunch.

Today was my Dad's 60th Birthday lunch at my brother's. Daughter made beautiful card and had present of photo montage of her with Grandad framed ready for his study. I had got him a nice bottle of brandy and a dignified card. A bottle of wine for my brother, chocolates for my sister-in-law and stickers and activity books to keep daughter amused during long lunch. Nothing could go wrong.

Mum phoned to ask if we could pick them up on the way, no problem, still one and a half hours to lunch. Husband went for shower, I sorted out daughter's party outfit, my turn for shower. Emerged from shower (having forgotten to shave legs - not usually necessary in winter but forgot I was wearing dress today) to find there were five minutes left to get dressed, dry my hair, put on make-up and organise child. What happened?!

I have a theory that time takes on a whole new dimension after having children. BC (before children) you get up, get ready, go out. Now, you get up at some ungodly pre sunrise hour, thus having hours to get ready. Spend quality time playing pirates, doing sticking and commentating on rocking horse races only to find that time has speeded up and a mad, five minute dash is necessary in order to leave the house on time. I agree with those scientists; time trully is curved!

So, scoring well on family front at the moment. However, returning to work tomorrow and who knows what chaos that will bring.

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