Friday, 15 February 2008

Nursery Coffee Afternoon

Felt like virtuous '5os mum' today. Spent morning decorating heart shaped gingerbread biscuits with daughter (see picture).

Then went to nursery coffee afternoon where I made a valentine card with daughter and then indulged in cakes and biscuits (all to raise funds for PTA of course).

Felt particularly virtuous for making biscuits rather than buying Mr Kiplings as other mums had done. Some Grandmas had baked, but obviously are primary carers and thus enabling their daughters to have it all.

So, winning on the 'mum' front in terms of having it all. (However, it was half term and had the coffee afternoon been last week would have resorted to Mr Kipling in order to win on 'work' front so not quite having it all yet)

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