Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Back at work three days and completely frazzled!

One Inservice Training day followed by departmental Christmas do in evening (we had neither the energy nor the motiviation in December). One full day teaching followed by intensive choir rehearsal (supposed to be singing on Radio 4 on Monday, but as teacher cannot get time off work) and then today's debacle:

Arrived in work this morning to find that new software had been installed for my interactive whiteboard without warning. Had 10 minutes when I should have been at assembly to learn how to use it before my first lesson. Put on cover with the dreaded 3R during my only 'free' so couldn't even get up to speed with software then. Flew by the seat of my pants all day. Luckily was rescued a few times by techno sixth formers who suggested how to find what I wanted. Really sixth formers should run Inservice Training on how to deal with new software.

Daughter now back in routine of refusing to come home from childminder, watching CBeebies until tea is ready and then declaring "I don't want that!" about whatever healthy, nutritious meal I have created. This is swiftly followed by the bribe "Well that's all there is and if you don't eat it there's no pudding" after which daughter tucks into meal with gusto. Oh the joys of family life!

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