Sunday, 26 April 2015

Birthday Cake No 7

Today is Izzy's 11th Birthday.

As usual on a Sunday she had a riding lesson this morning:

 No, she didn't get a horse for her birthday!

 And she's going to Pony Club this afternoon.

Nothing gets in the way of ponies!

Later we'll fit in a birthday tea with my mum and dad, so I've just made a simple Victoria Sponge for today's birthday cake.  I've topped it with green buttercream and Pony Club cake toppers from Party Delights' new Pony range:

She thinks it's epic.

Wait till she sees the pinata cake!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

The First Six Birthday Cakes .......

Baked, decorated, boxed, sent to Castleton and consumed by 62 pupils and 6 staff!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

All My Own Fault

Daughter's birthday is coming up and over the years I have made one birthday cake (before she started school), two birthday cakes (when she had her birthday at home and then a party with friends) and last year I made two birthday cakes and a dozen matching cupcakes, but this year I have outdone myself:

Just before Izzy's birthday she is going away on a school holiday, so I contacted the teacher in charge to see if I could send some cake for the children and staff to celebrate Izzy's birthday.

"Yes, that would be lovely."

"Great, how many kids and staff are there?"

"62 kids and 6 staff."


So that's six birthday cakes, then.

Plus the one on her actual birthday and the pinata cake for her birthday party with friends.

So, just the eight birthday cakes this year, then!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Little Moreton Hall

One of our Family Days Out over the Easter holidays was to Little Moreton Hall, near Congleton.

It's a higgledy, piggledy Tudor Mansion that really shouldn't be standing!

Believe it or not, that fireplace is level!

We had a lovely day playing Tudor pastimes:

And soaking up the sun in the Tudor Knot Garden:

 Now we're really in the mood for the "Tudors on Tour" at Tatton Park in May!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Guess What I Did Today

Today I used my Christmas present from hubby.

Guess what it was.

Here's a clue, this is what I unwrapped on Christmas Day:

Still not got it?

Well, that Lego Minifigure is supposed to be me doing this:

Yes, he booked me and Izzy  a "Woodland Glide" experience with Cheshire Segway.

After a quick practice on the training track, we headed off into the woods:


Best of all, he didn't just book it for us; see that couple behind me?  

It's my mum and dad!

How game are they?

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Back in Time for Dinner

Izzy and I have been watching "Back in Time for Dinner" and this week it reached the '70s. 

 "They peel them with their metal knives!"

It's one of those social history programmes in the same vein as "Wartime Farm" and "Victorian Pharmacy" that we love to watch together, but what's been great about this one is that I lived it!

Smash, Rise and Shine and Pot Noodle were all new fangled foods for us in the '70s and I've forgotten how awful they really were!  I remember my mum getting her first freezer and us going to the freezer centre to buy delights such as Arctic Roll and Boil in the Bag Fish in Butter Sauce.  Convenience was the watchword of the '70s.

What's been fascinating for Izzy is the whole history of the era and the fact that I was there for the power cuts, the three day week, the Silver Jubilee street parties, self sufficiency.  It's been great to tell her about using candles when the electricity was cut off, how grandad (my dad) went working on the taxis to make more money when he was forced to work a three day week in his normal job, how we queued for petrol and how grandad turned over half our garden to growing vegetables so that we would have more food.

Looking back it was a glorious time of long hot summers (remember 1976?), everything was yellow and orange and my childhood was filled with fresh air and fun as we played on our Spacehoppers and Chopper bikes.  I don't remember mum and dad struggling to pay the bills, I thought dad had taken up growing veg for fun (he let us thin out the carrots and pick the peas, we thought it was great) and it was so exciting when he let me come in his taxi with him and use the radio.  Guess mum and dad did a good job of hiding the truth from us.

Next week is the '80s: Breville Sandwich Toasters, Sodastream and Microwaves.

Can't wait!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Izzy the Penguin

First there was Rainbows:

then there was Brownies:

And now there is Guides:

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jelly Baby, anyone?

I've just discovered  a new channel on Freeview.

Channel 70 is the Horror Channel.

And guess what it's been showing?

Classic "Dr Who" with Tom Baker!

I know, I'm such a geek.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Back in Charge?

Last week I was laid up with the 'flu (or a very, very bad cold).  I had a temperature of 102 for two days, I was shivering and shaking most of the time and had earache, sinus trouble and headaches, and spent most of the time sneezing and coughing.  I have lost 5lb and still feel sick and can't eat much, just Weetabix.

I stupidly tried to go to work last Monday, but was sent home early and spent the next two days in bed.

Being a teacher it is very difficult to be off ill.  The lessons continue.  Someone has to take my classes, I have to try and think of work they can do, the marking piles up and I know my classroom will be a tip when I get back, never mind the hundreds of e-mails. Also, my classes can't learn without me (I'm not being arrogant, I teach maths and really, honestly, they can't teach themselves quadratic equations or parametric differentiation, they need a teacher).  On Wednesday night I dragged myself out of bed to enter my classes' grades into the school database because they were due and my HoD had e-mailed me to do them ASAP.  School does not wait for sick teachers.

So on Friday I decided I had to go back in.

I got out of bed at 7am, coughing and spluttering, put on my work clothes and headed to the kitchen.

That's when it happened.

The barrage of requests from hubby.

All the things he expected me to do again now that I was "better".

I responded with:

"Just because I'm wearing a dress doesn't mean I'm back in charge"

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Sunday, 29 March 2015

When the Boot's on the other Foot

I think I've mentioned before the last minute requests that daughter presents me with because she's forgotten to tell me when she was told.

I went beserk at the "I need a superhero costume tomorrow" request.

Two weeks ago her "I need to wear something red for Comic Relief tomorrow" (we are a house that supports City so there are no red items of any kind) was met with "wear the cake ribbon from Christmas".

I'm still waiting for her to tell me she needs £38 for Guides tomorrow (I had an e-mail from the Guider in case the Guides had forgotten to tell us), if she doesn't tell me, she doesn't go to the sleepover at Legoland.

Usually hubby says I overreact.  

She's just a child. Just find something.

Well, this week I've been laid up with the flu (temp of 102 for two days and have lost 5lb) and have spent most of it in bed.

On Wednesday he picked daughter up from aftercare at 6pm and when they got home I heard

"I am very, very angry with you"

amongst other things he was shouting at daughter in the hall.

"I wonder what she's done", I thought.

Hubby then appeared at my bedside, furious.

"She's just told me what she needs for her costume for the school play and she needs it tomorrow.  She's known for weeks.  Where can I get a white t-shirt, black leggings and black pumps at this time?"


When she does it to me I'm overreacting, but when mummy's stuck in bed and daddy has to deal with it, it's a different story!